Tequila Mockingbird : A Book of Animal Cartoons by Leo Cullum

I was thrilled to discover this new volume of animal cartoons by New Yorker cartoonist Leo Cullum!

Like Scotch & Toilet Water?: A Book of Dog Cartoons, Tequila Mockingbird is further evidence that Cullum’s first name is so appropriate. It’s a cartoon jungle out there, and Leo’s the king.

A wonderful 128 page volume, the book is stuffed with wonderful animal cartoons from Smokey the Bear on the witness stand testifying that “Absolutely! Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” to a businessman commenting to his suit clad simian counterpart “You’ve had enough ‘monkey see,’ Edwards. We want some ‘monkey do.'”

By far my favorite though is one in which a doctor with his stethoscope on a giant raven’s back is asking the bird to “quoth.” Its cartoons like that that continue to challenge me to write better.

Please pick this up in hardcover (my mother-in-law and I agree that the only real books are hardcovers) as soon as your cartoon book budget will allow. And if you don’t currently have a cartoon book budget, then shame on you.