The Duck Factory

Loyal reader and commenter, Fontessa, and I were discussing the lack of a hunky cartoonist archetype on TV. (See comments on this post.)

She was kind enough to remind me of a few cartoonist characters from boob tube history, although I wouldn’t call any of them hunky. (OK, maybe Ted Knight.)

But here’s one I bet most of you don’t recall:


Anyone remember who played the main character, cartoonist Skip Tarkenton?

Jim Carrey.

OK, he’s not exactly hunky either, but I’d say his career has turned out OK.

I actually remember watching this when I was growing up. It ran on NBC in 1984 for 13 episodes.

If memory serves, one character was a hooker. During the show I remember asking my Mom what a hooker was. I think that was pretty much the end of “The Duck Factory” for me. (Can someone verify the hooker character? Or do I have more to discuss with my therapist?)

Anyway, for the curious, here’s’s info, IMDB’s page, and, in the interest of completeness, the theme song.

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