Vote Paroubek!

The Czech Republic has a new Prime Minister, and according to Czech tabloid Blesk, he’s a dead ringer for The Simpsons’ Mayor Quimby.

Paroubek and Quimby

According to Yahoo News

“Not only does Paroubek bear an uncanny resemblance to Quimby but like his cartoon counterpart he also served on the city council, for four years as deputy mayor. At 52, Paroubek is also just two years younger than Quimby.”

You know, I wasn’t convinced, but with a little help from our old friend Photoshop, I-yuh, er, am a believer.

Which is which?!

D’oh? Da!


This article is hilarious…

“After spending a day in court watching cartoons, a Moscow judge on Friday rejected a lawsuit brought against RenTV for broadcasting two American programs that the plaintiff said had piqued his young son’s interest in cocaine and prompted the child to insult his mother.”

It gets better…

“Smykov said that his son Konstantin, who was 6 in 2002, approached his parents after watching an episode of “The Family Guy” and asked them what cocaine was. After he was reprimanded, Konstantin called his mother a toad, Smykov said.”

But this is the best part…

“Smykov was not present in the courtroom Friday. RIA-Novosti reported that he had appeared for the start of the day’s session drunk.”

You gotta go read this. Enjoy!