Pizzazz #1 – 1977 Marvel Magazine Highlights

I was checking out a new collectibles shop nearby the other day (Patrol Dewback, I’ll be back!) when I stumbled on the first issue of Pizzazz by Marvel.

There’s a ton of fun stuff in it, but I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite pages:

Pizzazz - Dr. Strange 1

You’d think Dr. Strange would be above card tricks, but I guess not. Also, that’s not Dr. Strange in the photo…

Pizzazz - Dr. Strange 2

…that’s 15-year-old Jamie Schack who never lived that photo down.

Pizzazz - Dr. Doom Jokes

Who knew Dr. Doom has such a sense of humor?

Pizzazz - Silver Surfer Code

Find the answer on the Silver Surfer’s crotch!

Pizzazz - Spider-Man Maze

Not only is Ock is long gone, but he’s apparently a giant now! Stay put, Spidey.

Pizzazz - Front Cover

There’s the cover for you…

Pizzazz - Jack Davis Back Cover

…but the back cover is my favorite! Jack Davis!

And just to wrap things up nicely, here’s a commercial for Pizzazz to start your week off right: