Orange Alert

I recently got two emails about this cartoon.

Here’s the first:

Dear Sir, I dont understand this joke. Please explain it to me.

And the second:

Today’s cartoon, “This, my fellow poets, is the enemy,” LOVED IT!

Obviously I like the second email better, but, honestly, I sorta knew this’d be obscure when I did it.

Here’s the thing, first writer: nothing rhymes with “orange.”

Seriously. Go ahead and try it.

So the joke is that a group of poets (folks who rhyme a lot of the time) would really hate that word.

Why do a cartoon that 99.9% of the population won’t get? That’s the great thing about being an independent cartoonist – I can do whatever I think is funny.

And the .1% of people who get an oddball cartoon like this, generally think it’s really funny.

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