Oliphant on Them Dam’ Mohammad Pictures


There’s a wonderful article in the Trib today by Pat Oliphant regarding the current Danish cartoon debacle.

…the initial reaction in the political cartooning community to what some see as a blatant, brave exercise of free speech in a free press in a free society was somewhat breathless admiration, so unused are we to seeing in newspapers such unfettered, politically incorrect use of this art. But what will the reaction be to all this among the high priests and prophets of the Counters of the Beans?

If there is any reaction, it will most likely be to make even more difficult the work of the cartoonist who has things to say and wishes to make a critical, legitimate and salient point, and make more remote the possibility of that point’s ever being seen in print. As the euphoria fades, we may be left the winners of a Pyrrhic victory.

Good lord the man’s well spoken!

I’m not going to comment on this whole thing as volumes upon volumes have already been heaped by men and women smarter and more eloquent than myself, but I never thought I would wish cartoons weren’t in the news so much.

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