Main Menu

The Andertoons main menu should be fairly intuitive, but I thought I'd take a minute to point out some newer features.

The main menu sits at the top the screen and stays constant throughout the site:

Main Menu 1 Andertoons New-1

If you ever want to get back the homepage, click the Andertoons logo:

Main Menu 2 Andertoons New-1

Shopping cart, account, log in, and FAQ/Help are located familiarly in the upper right:

Main Menu 3 Andertoons New-1

The search bar has been enlarged, and now offers suggested topics below:

Main Menu 4 Andertoons New-1

The lower blue bar does most of the navigation's heavy lifting. Headings glow orange on hover:

Main Menu Dropdown 1 Andertoons New-1

Menu items with downward arrows expand with a click to show available options:

Main Menu Dropdown 2 Andertoons New-1

Some include additional information to aid you in your choice:

Main Menu Dropdown 3 Andertoons New

There's also navigation at the bottom of each page to save you some scrolling:

Main Menu Footer Andertoons New-1

I'd like to thank my design and programming team for making Andertoons navigation both robust and simple! That's no easy task!


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