Mailbox – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Andertoonsmailbox-2For a change of pace, and because I had a really good ugly email, here’s three emails I’ve gotten recently.

The good:

Used one of your cartoons for company newsletter I write every Sunday. First time – pleasure to pay a reasonable amount for a good product and zero hassle. Thanks for your service – I’ll be back, next time I’m desperate on a Sunday night deadline. Maybe sooner.

Can’t enough of that.

The bad:

I think your cartoon are so idiot I heat them I have never seen something so borring and stupid but even of that I love you


And here’s the ugly (from a successful cartoonist I’ve admired for some time):

Hi, Mark, was looking at something else, and came across your site here (and of course your comments at the Wisen.) Gotta say, I’m shocked and disappointed you are giving your cartoons away for free; you’re in some of the top markets in the country, so you don’t need the exposure. It really devalues cartoons everywhere when even good cartoonists do this. But you say on that page it gets you more work…how’s that working for you?

What I absolutely love is that first there’s the dressing down. Then, just in case it’s profitable, ‘how’s that working for you?’

I don’t feel obliged to explain myself or my business model to friendly emailers, much less this person.

My response:

Thanks for your email! And thanks for stopping by the site!

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