Gag Cartoonist John Gallagher Passes On

Veteran gag cartoonist John Gallagher passed away on Saturday. Gallagher twice won the NCS’ Best Gag Cartoonist award. He was 79.

Quoting his obituary…

Mr. Gallagher, who grew up in Bergenfield, developed a penchant for drawing as a child. He parlayed his talents into an award-winning career as a gag cartoonist. His work appeared in the Saturday Evening Post, Sport, Parade, Collier’s, Military Life, True and Argosy.

“If you really like cartooning and want to use it in some way in a future career, put everything you have into working at it and learning from it,” he once told aspiring cartoonists.

Amen, John.

(BTW, thanks to Mike Lynch for the heads up.)