“Fillmore” Cartoonist “Lucky to Have a Day Job”

Mallard Fillmore’s Bruce Tinsley…

…has no illusions about where the cartooning industry is headed.

“I don’t know how many cartoonists are still going to have jobs in the next few years,” he says. “But I have a son who’s 11 and wants to be a cartoonist, and I tell him, you better learn all this computer stuff, because the online world is booming and it’s the future. I’ve talked to more bloggers in the last few months than I have in my entire life.”

OK, yes, you have to know all of the “computer stuff,” but I think more aspiring cartoonists could benefit more from a basic business education.

Know some basic accounting. Get some phone chops. Read a book or two about selling. Because the days of being able to let someone else take care of the business end of things for you are pretty much gone, and frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hat tip to the WSJ’s Speakeasy.

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