Bad Comic Book Names

75682-104528-mr-fantastic_super.jpgIt’s funny how when you grow up with something you don’t question it. I’ve always been pretty OK with the Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic, but then I read this:

Perhaps the most conceited-sounding name ever, it’s really bad when you consider Reed Richards gave the name to himself! I would have thought the other members of the team might have seen this as a little vain, but they just accepted it and ran with it.

Yeah! What the heck?! I guess Mr. Very Healthy Self-Image was ungainly.

Read more bad comic book names here!

Beland’s Fantastic Writing


Funny how stuff turns out sometimes.

I’d actually bought the comic above hoping my wife might be able to use it in her bilingual 1st grade classroom. (Turned out to be a bit old for her kids. I tried.)

I really liked the art, but I don’t speak Spanish, so it had taken up temporary residence on my scanner-top pile of mystery.

Then Mike Lynch emails me this morning:

Tom Beland — doing a Fantastic Four comic?!?!?!?!?!

More here.

I gotta go buy this one ….

I had no idea! And I absolutely LOVE Tom’s True Story, Swear To God stuff!

I gotta find the English version! And QUICK!

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