Uzbekistan Not Crazy About “Crazy” Cartoonist

Man on man; check this out:

Famous human rights activist Elena Urlayeva was detained last Saturday for disseminating leaflets containing cartoons of the state emblem of Uzbekistan. On Sunday, she was placed in a psychiatric clinic, head of investigations department of Sergeli district interior affairs department Shakir Yakubov said.

“The Prosecutor’s Office launched a criminal case against Elena Urlayeva, envisaging responsibility for desecrating state symbols of Uzbekistan,” Yakubov told Arena.

Urlayeva’s lawyer Vitaly Krasilovsky confirmed that the activist was in the psychiatric clinic. “I have established that the human rights activist is in the psychiatric clinic, but I was not allowed to see her. A doctor of the department where Urlayeva has been placed told me the activist is on a compulsory treatment according to the court decision,” he told Arena.

Note to self — cross Uzbekistan off list of countries to move to when Bush’s America goes down the toilet.