New Yorker Cartoonists’ Slippery Slope

OK, I’m all for thinking outside the box in growing a brand, but the upcoming “Humor on the Slopes Cartooning Festival” in Beaver Creek, Colorado might be a tad too odd.

The event, slated for Jan. 6-8, will feature six cartoonists from The New Yorker magazine on a visit to Beaver Creek. The cartoonists are some of the magazine’s best-known, including Harry Bliss, Matt Diffee, Ed Koren, Bob Mankoff, Victoria Roberts and Jack Zeigler.

Beaver Creek Resort’s COO, John Garnsey said…

…there’s a lot in common between the types of people who read The New Yorker and the guests the resort is seeking.

”The demographic is a great fit,” he said. “New York is a key market for us, but the magazine is also read internationally and world-wide.”

Then again, they’re all being paid to play in the snow while I’m getting ready to shovel it.


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