Andertalk Down for a Bit

Andertalk-2This from the host for Andertalk:

After detecting that there is a problem with your host server we have run extensive verifications and checks to establish the nature and the severity of the issue. It turned out that there is a problem with the kernel of your machine.

Kernel problems like this are rare, but unfortunately totally unpredictable and beyond anyone’s control. However, we would like to assure you that our server administrators have all the needed expertise and follow strict procedures to minimize the negative effect of such an event.

Our administrators are now restarting the server in order to restore the service back to normal.

We will keep you updated on the progress of our work by posting regular messages in the Server Status Check section. Please do not post tickets regarding your account. We will do everything possible to quickly restore service.

I’ll letcha know when it’s back up and running. Here’s hoping nothing got lost…

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Andertalk Cartoon Forum

AndertalkI’ve been so pleased with how well the Andertoons blog has been received over the past few years.

I think one of my favorite things about it are the little conversations that go on in the comments. There’s a lot of smart, funny stuff going on there, and it’s in that spirit that I’m proud to launch

It’s a forum for folks to talk about cartoons, cartooning, cartoonists, or whatever else comes to mind.

I’ve been testing it with a small group for a week or so, and there doesn’t seem to be any major problems, so consider this its grand opening.


(One quirk – when you register, you’ll get an email to confirm and then you’ll be at the forum. It’ll ask you to log in again here, which is basically logging you in twice, but it’s some sort of built-in security thingy that only happens this one time. Just be aware.)

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Cartoon Community Name


I’m sorta a collector of URLs, and I’m still considering building a cartoonist community side of Andertoons.

Here’s a list of possible URLs:

  • Andertalk
  • Cartmoonity
  • CartoonCache
  • CartoonConfab
  • CartoonDeli
  • CartoonGab
  • CartoonJaw
  • Communitoon
  • Toon-a-tete
  • Toonco
  • ToonCrunch

Any you love? Any you hate? Any other ideas?

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