Aeon Sux


With the recent rash of late night feedings, late night diaper changes and the like, I’ve been working my Netflix queue hard.

I just finished up Aeon Flux and while I wasn’t expecting a great movie, I was surprised how disappointed I was.

The source material is odd but interesting, and I think they had trouble pounding such unconventional into the traditional “we need another big action set piece here” mold. (Also, how they ended up making Charlize Theron in a skin tight catsuit look plain is beyond me.)

And am I the only one who thinks all this damn wire work jumped the kung-fu shark two Matrix sequels ago? Honestly, it’s just boring now. Time for someone to come up with something new, or, truer to Hollywood, repackage some older shit again.

Anyway, I’ll give them some credit for the attempt, and as 2 AM bottle fodder it’s fine, but for goodness sake don’t waste an evening on this wannabe stylish vanilla.

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