Andertoons Radio

A while ago I was contacted by a company asking if I were interested in advertising on radio.

To be honest, I’m not sure it would work well, and it’s probably cost prohibitive, but the guy offered to send me over a spec spot to listen to:

Click here to listen!

LOL! Isn’t that goofy?!

Not the ad itself, that’s actually very well made, but it’s weird hearing an Andertoons commercial.

And, is it just me, or does the end part (“This is a good place for an Andertoon!”) sound like the guy is opening a refrigerator door?

Anyway, it’d be lousy of me to put this spec spot on my blog and not give a link to the folks who put it together for me.

Linky link link!

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Connecting With The Dots

1280 2

I ran across this Bacardi ad in some recent surfing and was transported back to my high school cartooning days when I cut out little pieces of adhesive dot shading for my cartoons.

In some ways I miss that labor intensiveness, and then my current deadlines remind me about how happy I am with my current techniques and Photoshop.

Still, there’s a charm in those little dots…

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X-Ray Sea Monkeys With Real Footlocker!

Looks like I’ve got another book to ask the library to purchase. (One of the benefits of having the second largest library in the state right down the road.)

Recommended by The Mad Professor, Hey Skinny!: Great Advertisements from the Golden Age of Comic Books looks like a hoot.

I remember longing to buy those sea monkeys, whoopee cushions and x-ray specs that I knew deep down in my 8-year old gut would make me the envy of all the other boys.

I’m hoping it will be half as good as Cheap Laffs : The Art of the Novelty Item which was another inspired library acquisition.

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