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Cartoon Close-Up is a recurring feature where I highlight Andertoons cartoon subscriberscustom cartoon clients, and customers who just buy the occasional cartoon.

Austen Marketing & Communications

This edition’s answers come from subscriber Dora Cheatham at Austen Marketing & Communications.

1) Tell me a little about yourself and your job.

I’m a Marketing & Business Communications consultant that focuses on brand & business development and marketing communications.

2) How do you use the cartoons from your Andertoons subscription?

I use your cartoons in my blog and LinkedIn posts to illustrate the articles/posts with humor. Plans include to extend use to include them as a daily posts in a Twitter feed.

 I want my posts to be “educational” but I love to laugh and – let’s face it – the world of business can be funny. Your cartoons really hit the nail on the head and I nearly always find something that illustrates the subject matter.  In fact, I always try to have my LinkedIn post appear with one of your cartoons next to it. Here are a couple of the more popular posts:

Help! I need a Better Business Plan!

Marketing for Small Business – 3 Steps to Success

3) Please give me an example of how someone has responded to a cartoon.

I’ve had comments like “I love what you write and your little cartoon man” and “This is great! I love how you broke it up with humor. Although business plans are not a joking matter, a good laugh does help the medicine go down.” (This one appeared under the first article above.)

4) Which cartoon is your personal favorite?

In the scientific world they use the acronym TNTM (too numerous to mention).

As a marketer and former business development manager that attended more sales meetings than I care to remember, I can really relate to 2310…

Cartoon 2310


Cartoon 6106


Cartoon 6720

… and 6965.

Cartoon 6965

5) Where online can people find out more about you?

People can find out more about my business at and me in particular on my LinkedIn profile.

6) Do you have any questions for me?

How long have you loved LEGO?  My brother owns several LEGO stores in Singapore  – I sent him a pic of my Andertoons lego kit – so what if he does have all the other limited editions???

I loved LEGO as a kid, but only delved back into them about 10 years ago when my son started getting into them. It was great timing because since cartooning had become my job, I needed a new hobby so I wasn’t just drawing sun up to sun down.

BTW, if your brother wants to send any of those limited edition sets this way…  (wink wink)

Thanks so much to Dora for her time and terrific answers!

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