2014/1975 Marvel Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

1975 Marvel Calendar

Happy New Year!

Did you know calendars repeat periodically? Yep! Within a 28 year cycle a year will start on the same day of the week as previous years 3 times. (There’s a more detailed explanation here.) For example, 2014 has the same days and dates as the years 2003, 1997, 1986, 1975, 1969, etc…

So while there’s a ton of great 2014 calendars out there, I’m going a little retro and using this 1975 Marvel Comics calendar instead. And as long as I was scanning everything in, I thought I’d share them with you!

Click on the images below and you’ll get a nice big 2560 x 1200 image with both the top image page and the bottom calendar page. Feel free to grab them and use them as some super fun desktop wallpapers.

Have a Marvelous 2014/1975!


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - January


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - February


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - March


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - April


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - May


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - June


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - July


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - August


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - Spetember


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - October


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - November


1975 Marvel Comics Calendar - December

Feel free to grab them all now, but don’t worry, I’ll remind you here on the first of each month to download the new month’s wallpaper.

28 thoughts on “2014/1975 Marvel Desktop Wallpaper Calendar”

  1. You are the absolute best. What a BAM POW way to start the New Year!! (The individual date entries are a riot: e.g. “Take a Villian to Lunch Day”) 🙂


  2. I love this. Thank you! Any chance I could persuade you to add a high-res of the outside cover?

  3. I had this in 1975. The only one I pulled out and saved is the Barry Smith May. Just spectacular detail.

  4. I would love a hi-res scan of the outside cover too! Would be awesome to print this and hang it in the office. Love the scans… what a great idea!

  5. Thanks so much! I actually still have this calendar somewhere in my basement but your making these available online has really brought things back. I’ll actually print these out to use each month! Thanks again!

  6. What’s interesting here is no X-Men. Giant Size No. 1 won’t come out for a few months. This is probably the last time Marvel did a big company wide promotion/retail item that didn’t feature any x-men. This makes the ’75 calendar a real historical oddity.

  7. This is so cool! I had a Peanuts calendar like this in 1981 or ’82. Bring back these calendars!

  8. […] Some calendar years share the exact same dates as others.  For example, you’ll find the exact same dates in 2014 that you would find in the years 2003, 1997, 1986, 1969 and 1958.  Lucky for us Mark Anderson dug up Marvel’s calendar from 1975 and it’s awesome, especially the month of October.  If you’re boring 2014 calendar doesn’t have the umph you need to make it through the new year, he’s made this retro almanac available to download for free.  You can find it here. […]

  9. Actually the 1977 Marvel Calendar did not prominently feature the X-Men either. Claremont and Bryne were still growing the fan base, and i think it as still a bi-monthly book at that point. Oh for the good old days when editorial let the writers and artists create the books and had the good sense to stay out of the way.

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