4 Tools Thor Has Used Besides A Hammer

It’s only a few more days until Thor: The Dark World comes out and I cannot wait to see him put the hammer down again. But did you know that over the years the God of Thunder has associated himself with all kinds of different tools? Prepare to journey into mystery:

Thor’s Telephone (1914)

1914 Thor Telephone Ad

A hammer is a great way to drive your point home. But there are times to hammer, and there are times to yammer. So when you need to talk out your differences with your mischievous half-brother, give him a call on your Bell telephone. (And don’t forget Frigga on All-Mother’s day.)

Thor’s Clothes/Dish Washer (1945)

1945 Thor Authomatic Washer Ad

I’m betting with all that fighting and gallivanting around that Thor’s cape gets dirty and stinky pretty quickly. Not to mention all the mugs and dishes from those Asgardian feasts! But who’s got room for two washers?! Thankfully Thor’s Automagic (that’s right, auto-magic) Washer makes short work of both tasks! I wonder if it has a Mjölnir setting.

Thor’s Electrical Inverter (1951)

1951 Thor Inverter Ad

We all know Thor can bring the lightning, but that’s a lot of power to control. It’s a good thing he’s got his electronically controlled inverter! Whether he needs to zap an alien army, or just recharge his cell phone, he can be sure his lightning is always just right.

Thor’s Satellite Launching Rocket (1961)

1961 Thor Rocket Ad

If you’re Heimdall you can see and hear just about everything. But if you’re like the rest of us, you can’t watch the game, check tomorrow’s weather, or text your Earth girlfriend without a few satellites orbiting overhead. But how do you get them up there? Why your Thor rocket of course. That’s right, Thor’s got rocketry covered too.

And if that’s not enough to tide you over, check out this PDF catalog of Thor tools! There’s drills, grinders, sanders, saws, and, of course hammers.