Easter Cartoons 2013

Easter isn’t far off (it’s really early this year!) so I thought I’d share this a brand new basket of Easter cartoons to help get you in the mood!

Easter Cartoons 1

This year I tended to go a little further afield with my Easter cartoons’ topics, like, for example, chocolate bunnies. I went through a bunch of ideas about eating the ears first and melting and all that, but the whole hollowness aspect won out.

Thanks goodness for Google images for stuff like this. Need a picture of a chocolate Easter bunny? How about a hundred!

Easter Cartoons 2

This is probably my favorite of this year’s Easter cartoons. I did a search for Easter on Pinterest to help kickstart some writing, and you would not believe all the amazing incredible stuff there. I was so bowled over that that became the impetus for this cartoon.

Easter Cartoons 3

That Easter Bunny plays hard ball.

Easter Cartoons 4

This is my wife’s favorite from this batch. When I told it to her originally she literally LOL’d, which was great, but then the pressure was on for the image to match the gag.

I like the kid’s cool nonchalantness. He’s literally a bad boy.

Side note – the kid in the back right used to have a basket with him for collecting his eggs, but then he would’ve had just one basket as well. So my choice was to add one more basket for him, or just take it out in Photoshop, and I chose the latter. Maybe he’s putting them in his pockets? What a weird kid.

Easter Cartoons 5

This Easter cartoon went through a number of different captions:

  • I think we should foster your inner dye.
  • Tell me about your chicken.
  • So, how was your Easter?

I still like that chicken one, but it didn’t really work with the decorating thing. Maybe another time…

Easter Cartoons 6

Drawing a giant anthropomorphic jelly bean is not as easy as you think. It’s got to be the right shape or maybe he’s a balloon, or a Cheeto, or just a blob.

Well, that does it for this year’s batch. Still want more? You can check out all of my Easter cartoons here.

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