Cartoon Subscriptions – New!

Cartoon Subscriptions

I’m really excited to officially launch an awesome new feature at Andertoons today – Cartoon Subscriptions!

An Andertoons cartoon subscription lets you download all the cartoons you want with plans starting at only $20/mo. Think of it as an all-you-can-laugh buffet!

But maybe you’re asking yourself “why would I want a subscription, and what would I do with all those cartoons?”

Help Yourself

Cartoons are fun, but they’re also great tools. For example, pretty much everything you read on increasing your blog’s readership advises adding relevant images. (See #6 here, see #10 here, see here, and here too!) They not only make your blog read and look better, but perform better with readers and search engines too!

Complement your content with relevant cartoons and get:

  • More readers
  • More comments
  • More time-on-site
  • More likes
  • More retweets
  • More pins

Don’t take my word for it:

“Having Mark’s cartoons on every blog post has literally transformed the traffic on my blog.  Around the time I started using cartoons, my per-article average Twitter RTs doubled and my RSS subscriber count grew at a visibly higher rate.

“Now, with over 33,000 RSS subscribers and often getting 100s of RTs, I can’t imagine not using them, and people comment all the time about them.”

– Jason Cohen,

Cartoons are a great way to grow your traffic and engage your readership. And an Andertoons cartoon subscription gives you all the cartoons you need.

Other Uses

And cartoons aren’t just great additions to you blog, they can also help:

  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Ebooks and iBooks
  • PDFs
  • Calendars
  • Training Manuals
  • and much more!

“Many regular readers say that they look forward to the Andertoons cartoon on our site every Friday. It adds a lighter note to kick off the weekend. Benefits to the site have been increased reader loyalty and engagement.

“For instance, Andertoons cartoons are tweeted an average of 137 times each, and shared regularly on Facebook, Pinterest and other sites. For sites that find it hard to generate image-based content, Andertoons cartoons are ideal.”

– Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends


So cartoons are helpful in all kinds of media, and you can use all the cartoons you want, but just how many cartoons are available? Tons!

  • 700+ business cartoons
  • 400+ family cartoons
  • 300+ sales cartoons
  • 200+ medical cartoons
  • 100+ technology cartoons
  • 100+ education cartoons
  • 100+ law cartoons
  • 100+ holiday cartoons

And that’s just the most popular topics. There are also cartoons about more oddball subjects including carpet, ketchup, worms, and photosynthesis!

How It Works

It’s really easy to use. Once you’ve subscribed, just sign-in, find a cartoon, and click the download button:

Cartoon Subscription Downloads

Cartoons download immediately and you’re ready to go!

There’s just a few simple restrictions:

  • Please don’t change any art or captions without permission.
  • Please don’t resell the cartoons.
  • I retain copyright.

So, basically, just be cool.

“Perfect! Downloads are working great and we have not had one problem. I wish all our technology was this easy. And I have had a nice selection to choose from without having to worry about ‘offensive’ content. Thank-you so much. We are very happy.”

– Kate Barney, Cisco

Plans & Pricing

There are two different cartoon subscription plans:

Pro – $20/mo

  • Unlimited cartoon downloads.
  • New cartoons weekly.
  • Web-ready images (480 x 360 px., 72 DPI, PNG).
  • Cancel anytime.

This is a great plan if you need cartoon content online. Use the cartoons on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc…

Premium – $75/mo

  • Unlimited cartoon downloads.
  • New cartoons weekly.
  • Web-ready images (480 x 360 px., 72 DPI, PNG).
  • Print-ready images (approx. 5” x 5″, 300 DPI, JPEG).
  • Cancel anytime.

This plan includes not only web-ready cartoons, but big print-ready cartoons as well that are perfect for presentations, newsletters, ebooks, PDFs, training manuals, calendars, and more.

Sign Up

I’m really excited to offer my cartoons this way, and I think you’re going to love your results.

You can find out more about my new cartoon subscriptions and sign-up here.