2 thoughts on “What Motivates Us”

  1. I saw this somewhere before and it’s interesting, but it’s hard for me to pay attention o since I am looking at it, trying to figure out how, exactly, it was done. I mean, are there some non-photo blue pencil lines all over that white board or what? I’d like to talk with the guy who did this,

  2. This presentation format is an interesting trend and it is getting very popular. It is a step beyond the UPS commercials and it is effective at communicating complex ideas. Recently I’ve had several clients call to ask if I could do something like this. Each referenced a different animation produced by the same folks at work here… (http://comment.rsablogs.org.uk/videos/ ), so there are a number of these floating around.

    But I think Mike is asking a good question. This is an incredible amount of imagery, created, designed & layed out and then drawn in detail. I don’t think it is likely that one could do it well without significant set-up, (either pre-drawing and practicing the scenes, or using sketches.) If you look at this video, there is obviously some production work being done, (for example switching ink colors with no evidence of it being done on screen.)

    I am still talking with one of the inquiring companies…they want to go ahead with it and send a video crew over, but I want to make sure it would be done right. (Not certain of that yet.) On a side note, I worked with the author of the above video, (Dan Pink), creating some cartoons for his book “A Whole New Mind”. Perhaps I should take the fact that he did not come to me with this project as a sign that this sort of thing would be stepping outside of my realm of expertise. 🙂 It is certainly more performance art than typical cartooning.

    All of that aside, the subject matter in the above videos is interesting and compelling.

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