It’s All About Me!


People are talking… about ME!

If you’re interested, there’s a new interview with me at the David Wasting Paper blog.

Here’s a tidbit to whet your appetite:

In one or two sentences describe your drawing area.

How about a haiku:
My drawing board is
Filthy with marker and tape
It shames me daily

And my free daily cartoon widget got a nice mention at My First Blog.

Another tidbit:

Cartoonist Mark Anderson has come up with one-of-a-kind daily cartoon add-ons for bloggers. You can now integrate free daily cartoons into your blog pages. If you want to inject some fun into your blog, you can add an “on topic” cartoon of the day to your blog. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the cartoon add-on is the presentation. Basically, graphic add-ons require a number of configurations. These would necessitate new pages and complicated codes. But Anderson’s cartoon add-ons work as polished thumbnails that can be displayed anywhere within your blog with just a single cut and paste code that allows for easy integration. The cartoon add-ons are often incorporated into the navigation sidebars. Readers can click to enlarge the image. A small new window pops up and shows the full size cartoon without covering or moving away from the original post.

Anyway, drop by and give ’em a read if you’re looking to waste a few minutes.

And a hat tip to inky pal Mike Lynch for the heads up on the My First Blog mention.