Overnight in Chicago

The Mrs. and I celebrated our 13th anniversary on Tuesday, and spent the night, sans kids, downtown.

We saw Harry Connick Jr. in concert Tuesday night.  WOW!  If you get a chance to see him perform live, do it.

connick concert

The next day we took an architecture tour around the city and saw, among numerous other buildings, the Rookery:


The S.R. Crown Hall at IIT, where they were hosting Warhol’s Silver Clouds:

iit s r crown warhol 1
iit s r crown warhol 2
iit s r crown warhol 3

And the IIT campus center with the L going right through the building:

iit campus center

It was just a wonderful little getaway.

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  1. I was sitting around the house thinking, “Now what kind of special way can the wife and I celebrate our 25th?” When I saw your photos, I knew. We’re heading to Chicago Monday. Thanks!

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