1958 Will Eisner “Spaceman Discovers Christmas” Comic – Cover

Spaceman Discovers Christmas Comic Cover

Yep, the holidays are coming and every year I try to come up with something really cool to feature all December.

Last year it was those great King Features “Popular Comics” greeting cards from 1951. This year it’s the 1958 comic book “Spaceman Discovers Christmas”!

Distributed by Ben Franklin Stores (and possibly other retailers). Rather than pages of product promotion, the complete comic is the story of a space alien named J.B. Grook who lands in his flying saucer and is escourted around town learning about what Christmas is all about (not a religious comic, rather giving to others, etc.). Produced by Will Eisner’s commercial studio, Promotional Publications, with art by and/or supervised by Eisner, creator of the Spirit.

Will Eisner! Woo-hoo!

I’ll put up a new page each weekday in December, and put them all up on Flickr after the holidays.