Thanksgiving Cartoon Ideas

gobble.jpgAs I mentioned back around Halloween, every year when I do holiday gags I create a list of topics/words/whatever to jumpstart the ol’ noggin. And this year instead of recycling it again, I decided to put it up on the blog A) for my own reference, B) to give you an idea how my head works, and 3) to see if there’s anything I missed:  

Thanksgiving –

  • Turkey – defrost, giblets, drumstick, death, deep fry, trot, tryptophan, stuffing, presidential pardon, national bird, flightless, basting, hotline, tofurkey
  • Pilgrims & Native Americans – Indians, feast, buckles, harvest, cornucopia, farming
  • Feast – cranberries, centerpiece, green beans, recipes, leftovers
  • Family – football, parades, recipes
  • November
  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday (added 11/21)

Anything else I forgot?