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An increasingly large part of my business has become custom cartoons, so it made sense to make it an increasing larger part of

Custom cartoons has now been expanded into four new pages: Introduction, Gallery, How It Works, and Pricing.

1) Introduction:

Custom Cartoons 1

The Introduction page gives a good overview of why custom cartoons are a great marketing tool, offers short explanations of the other pages, and displays a nice big sample cartoon.

2) Gallery:

Custom Cartoons 2

On the Gallery page you'll find a few custom cartoons I've done for previous clients, along with an explanation of the goals of each cartoon by myself, and reactions from the clients.

3) How It Works:

Custom Cartoons 3

The How It Works page offers a step-by-step look at the process of creating a custom cartoon from concept to sketch to final art. The example cartoon from the Introduction page is shown in various stages.

4) Pricing:

Custom Cartoons 4

On the Pricing page, I lay out the uses, advantages, and fees involved in both grayscale wash and color cartoons. There's also a contact form to request a custom cartoon quote.

I think the new expanded section will give potential clients a much clearer idea of the advantages of custom cartoons, and what they can expect.

For comparison, here's a look at the custom cartoons page from the old Andertoons site:

Custom Cartoons Just For You - Andertoons Custom Cartoons (20081126)

Hope you like the new pages! Enjoy!

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