7 thoughts on “Andertoons at SPX”

  1. Gosh, I had given up being able to make it down to SPX this year. It's the same weekend as my son's birthday (which also happens to be our wedding anniversary), so it's a busy weekend. BUT, as comics are so much more important than family, I decided I really needed to head down for at least one day at SPX. So I'll see you on Saturday. It's going to be fun to meet you in person, Mark. And to see Mr. Lynch again. I haven't seen Mike in forever.

  2. I will be there in 'spirit' making sure that at least ONE copy of EACH of your mini's remain so that I CAN BUY THEM from you!!!

  3. I haven't been for a couple of years, but it looks good to go this year. I'll stop by. I looked at the sked of speakers/panels and think I'm going to try to go Sunday.

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