Gag Cliches

Good Ol’ Mike Lynch! How I hate him! For coming up with such a great blog idea! (And the funniest cartoon I’ve seen in a while! CURSE HIM!)

If you haven’t taken his gag cartoon cliche poll (I voted for the boss chasing the secretary), you and your psychiatrist need to crawl across a desert isle.

Go vote! Only one day left!

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5 thoughts on “Gag Cliches”

  1. Mark: thanks for publicizing my blog.

    Angie: thanks for publicizing your blog.

    So sad to see such a beating the "boss chasing secretary" cliche is getting. Stupid "desert island," KING of cliches!

  2. Mike: thanks for thanking me for publicizing my blog.

    Now we'll see whether Mark updates the link in his blogroll…(thanks for the link, by the way.)

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