I’m Being Interviewed

Next Tuesday at 12:30 PM, your truly will be gabbin’ it up over at Small Business Radio:

Mark Anderson, Founder of Andertoons, tells his story: how he took his love of drawing cartoons and turned it into a business, including: harnessing creativity; working on a schedule; growing a business online on a shoestring; business models for cartoonists and other creative people.

Hope you tune in!

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5 thoughts on “I’m Being Interviewed”

  1. Congratulations, Mark! And this way people can hear that cartoonists do it all — business strategy, marketing, R&D, and drawing up excellent cartoons as well!

    By the way, "Cartoonists Do It All" is a registered TM of Lynchtoons.

  2. Hey Mark. I may not be able to get it when it broadcasts, but I hope I can download it later and check it out.

    By the way, which copyright holder do I talk to so I can get a "Cartoonists Do It All" t-shirt, you or Mike?

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