Suggest Cartoons for the Andertoons Book

BookOK, so I’m going ahead with this book thing.

I’m figuring about a 100-page softcover like most cartoon books you see at the bookstore.  Probably one cartoon per page.

Here’s the thing – I dunno which cartoons people like, so I’m asking for suggestions.

I’m also considering putting a page in the back of the book listing who suggested what, so you might get your name in the thing.

I’ve started a sticky over at Andertalk to take suggestions.

L’il help?

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2 thoughts on “Suggest Cartoons for the Andertoons Book”

  1. speaking as someone whose own work benefited greatly over the years from your great sense of humor, one of my favorite cartoons that I "borrowed" from you is still the squirrels "
    Come to think of it, I guess they're all branch offices" cartoon.

    I don't see how you'll be able to pick out only 100 from you vast body of work! — casey

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