6 thoughts on “Cartoon In January Reader’s Digest”

  1. Makes sense that you're in that issue since there's an iPhone on the cover, you tech nerd you!

    This being Reader's DIGEST, I want to tell people that they (the mag's editors) always want a shorter version of everything. They even condense punch lines, and a cartoonist can lose a lot of the punch in a punch line.

    According to my unnamed sources, Mark's original gag line went like this:

    "Bad news — something that happened in Vegas has been spotted in Des Moines where it boarded a Greyhound bus bound for New York City, where it got off, took a cab to Fifth Avenue, had lunch with Donald Trump, browsed at Tiffany's, took in a show, did the Circle Line, then grabbed a red eye to London, and brunched with Hugh Grant, and is now on a Fox hunt with the Queen somewhere in the Scottish Highlands."

  2. Get out of the cartoon business now, if you know what's good for us, er, you! You've been warned!

    Da Big Guy.

  3. Well, whatever that thing that happened in Vegas was, if it rode a Greyhound bus all the way from Des Moines to New York, it has been punished enough.

    By the way, is Reader's Digest usually good about returning cartoon submissions?

  4. You know, I stopped sending a SASE a long time ago. I just send a little postcard know asking for what they're holding, etc… RD seems to send that back very well.

    If only my other mags were as prompt…

  5. Thanks Mark. It's funny, rejection I can handle, I've had my share of it (some days I think I might have gotten someone else's share as well) but not getting the SASE back is always annoying, whether it's cartoons to a magazine or slides to a gallery.

    Um, sorry for the mini rant there.

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