It’s All About Tony Murphy

MurphyHooray hooray hooray for Tony Murphy and his newly Washington Post Writers Group syndicated strip, It’s All About You!

I met Tony via Mike Lynch at the Chicago Reubens two years ago where we discussed “The Electric Company” late into the evening.

The strip ran…

…for two years in Boston and New York’s free Metro newspapers before being picked up by The Washington Post Writers Group.

Wow! This is so great! Hoo-hoo! Congrats, Tony!!

(And thanks to Charles and Rod for the tip and the link!)

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3 thoughts on “It’s All About Tony Murphy”

  1. Mark, if you read the fine print on your blogging contract, you're obligated to mention Spot the Frog whenever you mention another strip.

    And congratulations to Tony. I haven't met him, but I still remember Spider-man from the Electric Company, so we'd have that in common.

  2. "We're gonna turn it onnnnn
    We're gonna bring in the powerrrrrr

    It’s coming down the liiine, strong as it can beee, through the courteseeeee

    Of the Electric Companee-eee-ee
    The Electric Companee-eeee-ee
    The Electric Companeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

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