The Email I Hate Most – Mailbox

Andertoonsmailbox-2I get this email about once a week from various folks who come across our favorite cartoon website:

Looking for the cartoon that has General Custer on the front line, battling Indians with handguns and rifles. Standing in the wings is a salesman with a Gatling gun (early machine gun). The caption reads: “I havenÂ’t got time to see a salesman. What we’Â’re using works just fine.”

Can you tell me where to find it?

Ugh… Seriously, once a week.

I just got it again from a nice fellow, but every time I see “I haven’t got time to see a salesman,” I want to scream!

Anyone know who did the original on this, his/her address, and sleeping habits?

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6 thoughts on “The Email I Hate Most – Mailbox”

  1. I've gotten that same email a couple of times. I found the cartoon somewhere like Cartoonstock. So I tell the guy and the guy emails me back and says something like that's not the one he meant. Huh? … It's got Custer and a salesman.

    Go figure, no good deed goes unpunished, etc.

  2. Tell them you haven't got time to look for that cartoon, but you're sure it works just fine for the hundreds of other people that are using it.

  3. Seriously! This thing has been used so long that it'd be a total waste to use it anymore!

    Ugh! I used to be in sales, and for the most part, not the most creative lot.

    "Hmm… that worked for someone else once? Well, it's the greatest thing ever! Let's ALL use it! New paradigm, everyone! New paradigm!"


  4. There used to be a cartoon like the one you mentioned, however it was a King and A Gatling gun salesman. It worked a few time on business owners, with a hand written note. However, I think e-mail marketing has ruined these types of measure, since everyone is circulating the same information.

  5. The cartoon I saw had a King overlooking his troops fighting with arrows and spears. There was a saleman tugging on his cap asking him to look at the new weapon he had. (Gatling Gun). The King said he did not have time becasue he was in the middle of a battle. Who has this one????

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