Other Cartoon Blogs You Should Be Reading #1

This week I’m gonna take the focus off of me and either remind you of, or introduce you to some other great cartoon blogs.

Today’s pick?  Mike Lynch Cartoons!

Mike WebRegular readers will recognize ol’ Lynchy McLynch (as he likes, nay, demands, to be called) from his many comments (and awkward come ons), but if you aren’t reading his blog you’re really missing out.

Mike has some of the best insights into gag cartooning around, and, except for the occasional Star Trek foray, he pretty much stays on topic (unlike another cartoonist you’re reading right now.  Seriously, I blogged about an orange stool last week.  What the hell?!).

And if you wanna see lots and lot of pics of cartoonists, Mike’s blog is the place!

Also, go read his cartoons.  He’s really really really funny!

I could continue raving about Mike, but I still want someone reading my blog occasionally, so that’s enough.

Another great cartoon blog tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Other Cartoon Blogs You Should Be Reading #1”

  1. Mike's blog has become a welcome wing to the Arnold Wagner School of Blogging. It's an open door classroom, with the welcome bonus of space ships.

  2. Did someone say Star Trek? Yay!! Seriously, I have a hard time keeping up with you. I mean, look at you, you're still blogging while out of the office!

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