Other Cartoon Blogs You Should Be Reading #4

GamecreatureWorking Daze‘s Kyle Miller isn’t just a great cartoonist, he’s a game designer too!

"What?!" you say?  Well, if you were reading his GameCreature blog you’d know that now wouldn’t you.  *shaking head in disappointment*

Also, check out the GameCreature comic!

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5 thoughts on “Other Cartoon Blogs You Should Be Reading #4”

  1. Many thanks, my good friend. And I'm going to be starting a fun experiment on my blog in the next few days which should liven things up.

    And Mike, if you're reading this, I'm stuck on the Star Trek Legacy game – can't get past the asteroid level. Captain Picard and the Stargazer need your help!

  2. On the Star Trek Next Generation pinball game, the Picard Manuever is a tricky shot through the left orbit and then use the upper flipper to send the ball up the left ramp that requires expert timing – but it's pretty useful as it will get you some great scores.

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