Line Rider

LineriderI think I meant to write about this a while back (or maybe I did and I forgot), but if you haven’t wasted an afternoon toying with Line Rider, you haven’t wasted an afternoon!

It’s deceptively simple; you draw a line, press play and a little guy on a sled rides the line.  Once you get the basic concept, the sky’s the limit.

Check out this example:

Isn’t that crazy?!

I’m tempted to do a gag cartoon and see what happens.  Maybe somehow work the sledder into the joke somehow…

Maybe once I get about 100 other things that actually need to get done finished.

Anyway, enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Line Rider”

  1. Maybe it's me and my famed driving skills, but I found this harder than it looks. My little guy met a series of unfortunate ends.

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