My Office – One Year Later

About a year ago I blogged about the office I got when we bought new new house.

I got a lot of grief about how clean it was, so I thought, one year later, I’d give you another look:

Img 2706

My inbox, and Pinchy the unfinished robot

Img 2714

My desk; not too bad

Img 2715

Lots more books than last time. And this…

Img 2700-1

…my Dwight bobble head!

Img 2711

Where “the magic” happens.

All in all, a respectable amount of clutter, without being overrun. Not too bad.

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3 thoughts on “My Office – One Year Later”

  1. A coworker of my wife's also has that same Dwight bobble-head. She doesn't watch the the US version of THE OFFICE, and so the reference was lost.

    Good to see some clutter, dang it! Makes me feel that you're almost human, you cartoon-producing robot, you!!!!!!!!

  2. The bobble head was a gift from the in-laws, but I think they got it from NBC's site.

    As far as the clutter goes, I'm hoping to clean all that up soon. Moo-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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