Trying To Light Myself On Fire

GrSo Ghost Rider comes out in a few weeks, and they’re really ramping up the ad campaign.

In addition to the Jackson Hewitt ad where he gets his taxes done and sets off the sprinklers (it was up on YouTube but now it’s down), Sony has a page on their site where you can use your webcam to insert your face and see yourself as Ghost Rider, AKA with your head on fire.

I tried it for about a half hour this morning with my Mac and its built in iSight, but this must be one of those “95% of people use Internet Explorer so just build it for that and screw everyone else” sites. Yes, I tried Firefox too. Grrrr….!

I guess I’ll just have to light my head on fire the old fashioned way later.

Anyway, here’s the link if you wanna try it…

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3 thoughts on “Trying To Light Myself On Fire”

  1. Yeah, I know… I've never been a bug GR fan. A flaming skull in a leather jacket on a motorcycle… Meh.

    And didn't this guy direct Daredevil too? Although the director's cut was slightly better, that movie stank.

    Did he do Elektra too? How do you screw that up?!

  2. He did do Daredevil but he only produced and co-wrote Elektra.

    I didn't see the director's cut of Daredevil… but I thought the movie was terrible. I liked some of the stuff, like the effects and… yea… anyway it's reaching just because I like Daredevil. I swear, when I saw that "fight" in the playground… I threw up in my mouth a little; awful! You can't make Daredevil campy… I refuse to agree to that haha

    GR is an O.K. character. I think they did as much as someone CAN do with his creation story. Like you said… kinda 'meh.' But Nick Cage?? No; just, no.

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