About Me 2.0

So I’m putting the finishing touches on the new website, and one of the page that’s desperately needed an update is the About Me page.

This sort of thing is always uncomfortable for me. Do I use a photos of myself? A caricature? Do I show myself at all? Will anyone care? Why am I here? (Oops, too far…)

Anyway, I finally decided on a photo, but as you’ll can see, I used one from a few years ago to make myself seem a bit younger. (Click the image below to see the entire new About Me page.)


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4 thoughts on “About Me 2.0”

  1. Thanks guys!

    I dunno about a recent photo… Honestly, I'm not that photogenic. My kids, somehow, can't take a bad picture, but me? Good lord!

    Case in point – I went to the "Bachelor Capture" dance inhigh school with the really cute girl I had a crush on. Long story short – horrible date, and the picutre made me look like a mortician with his teen date.


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