A Day Downtown

My mother-in-law was kind enough to come over and help the Mrs. over the weekend (my wife’s left arm is in a cast thanks to a recent tumble) so I could take a day downtown to cleanse the ol’ soul for a bit.

First stop – the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Massive Change: The Future of Global Design exhibit:

Img 2654-1

Img 2670-1

Img 2671-1

Img 2669-1

Img 2666-1

Img 2665-1

Img 2661

Img 2659

More from the MCA:

Img 2674-1

Img 2675-1

Img 2676-1

Even their staircase is cool!

Img 2679-1

Lots o’ graphic novels and cartoon art in the gift shop!

Img 2681-1

Then on to the Mauldin exhibit at the Jean Albano gallery:

Img 2682-1

Img 2683-1

No pics allowed inside, but it was fabulous! I LOVE seeing original art like this. The white-out, the pencil marks, the variations on the black washes… It’s cartooning geek heaven!

One last stop at a comic book store. Not much of note there, but this sign made me laugh:

Img 2684-1

A wonderful brain-soothing day out! Thanks again to my mother-in-law for helping around the house so I could indulge myself for a day!

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  1. Willie and Joe! I know a lot of their buddies.

    Speaking as a mother-in-law myself, I'd say yours is extra-special.

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