Editor vs. Art Director

So I’m considering a postcard campaign featuring my cartoons. I’d like to try to drum up some new business with magazines that don’t currently run cartoons.

I have my mailing list service at the ready, but I’m wondering who I should send these to. Editors? Art Directors? Both?!

Cartoons are often seen as content, but are often perceived as art as well.

So, all you artists and graphic designers out there, whatcha think?

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4 thoughts on “Editor vs. Art Director”

  1. Well, I say Editor since the editor is the person who decides about content. There is something to sending work to "wrong" markets, or markets that do not use cartoons. And that "something" is that some will respond to your work. I wrote about this — and yard work (?!) — in my blog today ….

  2. I'm a graphic designer that works for a major syndication company. Almost all the decisions on what to include in my newspaper layouts are from the editor. BUT, it is a team effort. If the art director/graphic designer likes your work, they will find a way to get it in.

  3. You know what, I think I've decided on another blog ad campaing instead. After weighing expenses and who I'm trying to reach, I think I'll try a different approach this time… I'll fill you in!

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