Another Editorial Cartoonist Gone


Fellow Chicago area cartoonist Stacy Curtis was unceremoniously escorted out of his job at the NWI Times yesterday.

Curtis was allowed only his car keys, coat and what he brought in with him that day. This weekend he’ll be allowed back under the supervision of two managers to collect any other personal belongings.

LIke Kirk Anderson’s before him, I guarantee this paper spends more on executive office plant watering services than it did on Curtis’ insightful local perspective.

In an era where readership is down and graphic novels sales continue to rise you’d figure the whole damn paper would be told in cartoons!

Honestly maybe it’s for the best. The newspaper in general is slowly dying, and although this will sound callous, maybe it’s better to get out now.

I was “reorganized” out of a job a few years ago and it allowed me the opportunity to refocus and really get down to my life’s work. (I’d like to clarify that this in no way gives any credit to the dirtbag management who actually hired someone to let me go.)

My advice to Stacy is to take the weekend and wallow in it. It sucks. A lot! Then, Monday morning, sit down at your desk, draw some more amazing stuff, work the phones and create your legacy. You’ve got the chops man, screw the NWI Times.

Later – E&P had this to say…

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  1. It also helps to be married to someone with a full time job with benefits that covers the whole family.

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