At Long Last… MAILBOX!

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Oh, it’s been too long… Get set for some mailbox!

Hello. I am going through a child support battle with my kids dad, and I would love to get a cartoon of a man in jail because he did’nt pay his child support. I want to send a message to him not to f**k with me!


I dunno about other cartoonists, but I think the “Don’t f**k with my child support” market is ready to explode!

I am working on a book, and after seeing For the Love of the Cubs, thought you might make a great illustrating partner. I live in the Chicago area – perhaps we could talk by phone so I can describe what I’m working on?

Sorry, wrong Mark Anderson. Here’s the guy you want. (BTW, I tried to find his site, but no luck…)

Looking for the Mark Anderson from Harry Carey’s in Chicago on 11/16/05 who illustrates and we discussed writing…..My apologies, I have misplaced the website addy given me.

Yeesh! Someone wanna help me find this guy? He’s missing out on a bunch of work. (Note to self: change name to Walt Disney.)

Dear mr.Cartoonist, Your work is great! I enjoy moments seeing your cartoons portaiying our days of pretence and illusion living urban lives!

Please carry on good work….

Who knew a simple farm boy would eventually portray urban days of pretense and illusion. Seriously, I’m just happy if I can get a cow to look like a cow.

I work for a small weekly newspaper. We like your cartoons and would like to publish one each week on our “fun & games page” (for free) and give you a “plug” for your website. Is this something you would consider?

Wow, how can I pass up an offer like that?! Like this — no.

I got the cartoon fine. I’m so glad I found your work to include in our publication.

Since we’ve started running your cartoons, one of the local weeklies has started perhaps the world’s worst comic strip, obviously drawn by a relative of the publisher. It is SOOO bad. The word balloons are positioned so it’s very hard to tell which order one is supposed to read them. It’s drawn in so crude a style I cannot figure out what drawing tool was used to create it–and I was a visual design/illustration major. It looks like maybe the artist used a twig dipped in tar. This week, it was a two panel strip with the second panel just a copy and paste of the first, with different words in the balloons. So awful.

Man, do we look good!

That’s about the best email I’ve gotten in forever. And a good note to end on. Thanks!

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