Yes MAM!

My father-in-law sent this to me…

The Milwaukee Art Museum has a nice exhibition coming up. The Masters of American Comics runs April 29 – August 13, 2006 and features McCay, Herriman, and Schulz to name just a few.

This is gonna be after Bonnie arrives, but maybe if grandma and grandpa don’t mind taking the kids for the day, the Mrs. and I can take a nice little write-off-able day trip.

So often stuff like this seems to pass us in the ol’ Midwest by. I can’t tell you how many exhibits I hear about in New York or California. You’d think Chicago would get some more of this.

Anyway, check it out

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2 thoughts on “Yes MAM!”

  1. If you go to this, I'll expect a dashing photo essay. I went to something like this years ago in Portland, Maine. The museum hung much of the art at eye-level, if you were of average size and in the fifth grade. I made the rounds hunched forward as if listening to a kid whisper (and looking at the Peanuts strips, I suppose that's true, my inner child saying hello.)

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