More Pin-Up Cartoons

Pin-Up Cartoons

So the other day I’m adding some pin-up cartoon bookmarks to my entries (after reading about Dan DeCarlo at Cartoon Brew) and I began to wonder – what is it about men that we’re affected visually, even by drawings/artwork?

I don’t know any guy who wasn’t intrigued by Jessica Rabbit. How ’bout Betty and Veronica? And the Wilma vs. Betty debate still rages on. (What is it about the name Betty?!)

Got me, but here’s some more of my favorites:

Dean Yeagle – Wow! Yeagle’s work is simply stunning. Sexy, but strangely innocent. And you gotta love Mandy!
Bentan – I don’t know a lot about this guy (his/her “About Me” page consists mainly of “What can I say? I like to draw.”) but the art speaks for itself, and it’s got a lot to say.

Gary Ham – More cartoony than Yeagle or Bentan, but I love the line and color of Ham’s work.
Bruce Timm – Pin-up cartoons in that great retro animated Batman style.

Shane Gline – Another very stylized pin-up style that I just absolutely adore!
Katie Nice – Almost too cute to be pin-ups, but such a fun look I had to include them.
Rion Vernon – Mentioned here a few weeks ago, but I had to give another shout out.