NCS Reuben Winners for 2003

OK, the results are in for cartooning’s Oscar, the Reuben!

Here are the winners:

2003 Reuben Award and Division Award Winners

Cartoonist of the Year:
Greg Evans

Milt Canifff Lifetime Achievement Award:
Jules Feiffer

Editorial Cartoons:
Tom Toles

Newspaper Panels:
Jerry Van Amerongen (“Ballard Street”)

Greeting Cards:
Glenn McCoy

Newspaper Illustration:
Bob Rich

Comic Strips:
Stephan Pastis (“Pearls Before Swine”)

Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration:
Hermann Mejia

Book Illustration:
Chris Payne

Advertising Illustration:
Tom Richmond

Comic Books:
Terry Moore: “Strangers in Paradise”

Gag Cartoons:
Jack Ziegler

TV Animation:
Paul Rudish: “Star Wars: Clone Wars”

Feature Animation:
Andrew Stanton: “Finding Nemo”