Cartoonist Ted Rall’s Reagan Comment

OK, I have nothing to add to this conversation, and I do not necessarily agree or disagree with anything listed on Ted Rall’s blog for June 9, 2004. That said, I think this is some fascinating cartoon-related stuff when you step back and look at it. I don’t know when I’ve seen a cartoonist piss off so many people! I thought his Pat Tillman cartoon was inflammatory! Yeesh!

Maybe he’s just looking to get some press. Maybe he’s really serious and just doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Maybe he’s just a wacko. His syndicate has gotta be getting tired of this though. Or is this a case of ‘there is no bad press’?

Like I said, I have no opinion I’ll be posting here, but it’s some fascinating cartoon news and I thought it deserved some space.