Andertoons Moving & Improving

There are going to be some big changes at soon!

We’re going to be reorganizing the cartoon categories in the search engine – adding a few news ones and getting rid of some others. (Turns out there aren’t a lot of people looking for ‘commerce’ related cartoons.)

We’ll also be adding new pages dedicated to some of our most popular subjects! Office cartoons, family cartoons, animal cartoons and more! Each page will show the most popular in each subject as well as my personal favorites.

The FAQ section will also be greatly expanded as well as a number of smaller changes that should make getting around at easier and more fun.

There are changes behind the scenes as well that hopefully you’ll never really know about. We’re changing hosts in the next few weeks due to the increased traffic. We’re going to try our darndest to make sure none of your subscriptions get messed up, or who knows what else happens, but please be patient if you do have a problem. They should only last for a day or two.

Don’t worry though, the basic things about that you love are here to stay! New cartoons appearing daily, a gigantic cartoon gallery to browse or search, emailable cartoons to brighten your friends and families’ days, and absolutely no carbs!

I can’t wait for you to see the new and improved! I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!