Twitter and Cartoons

I love Twitter. It’s easily my favorite of the social media platforms, probably because it’s the most cartoon-like: quick, fun, and easy to share.

But while most people focus on those 140 characters, Twitter is also incredibly visual. And it’s perfect for using cartoons! Don’t believe me? Here are five ways to use cartoons with Twitter:

Profile Photo –

Your profile photo is the avatar that accompanies each Tweet:

But it certainly doesn’t have to be a photo. All kinds of images work, and a cartoon is a fun way to stand out! (See Apelad’s Twitter avatars for some additional inspiration.) You assign your profile photo under Settings / Profile:

Twitter and Cartoons 1

Header Image –

Your header is the large image topping your Tweets on your profile page. It’s a fun way to dress up your name, link, and bio. I adapted a cartoon of mine so it looks like my info is being discussed in a cartoon meeting:

Twitter and Cartoons 2

Again, this image is added under Settings / Profile:

Twitter and Cartoons 3

Background Image –

You can also customize your Twitter pages’ background with a cartoon. I took the same cartoon image I used for my Header and ran it through Photobricks to make it look like a LEGO mosaic:

Twitter and Cartoons 4

Here it is as my Twitter background:

Twitter and Cartoons 5

But the background is also good for using smaller cartoons. Check out Small Business Trends’ background:

Twitter and Cartoons 6

You can set the background image under Settings / Design:

Twitter and Cartoons 7

Media Gallery –

Here’s another often forgotten visual opportunity. When you Tweet an image it appears in your profile page’s Media Gallery:

Twitter and Cartoons 8

And when you click on a thumbnail you get this:

Twitter and Cartoons 9

Your Media Gallery is a great place to share cartoons (especially custom cartoons) with followers.

And last but not least is, of course…

Tweets –

People have always loved to share cartoons with friends and family, and Twitter makes that even easier. You can of course Tweet a link to a favorite cartoon:

Or you can, with permission, Tweet a cartoon:

Twitter has also recently begun including images in its search results, there’s the relatively new Twitter Cards, and Vine is all kinds of interesting!

So if you’re looking to get some more followers and get Your Tweets read, consider some cartoons! They’re fun, fast, and a perfect fit.

(And feel free to follow me on Twitter!)